The Focolare lifestyle

In contemplation while being together with everyone

Building relationships

Focolare spirituality emphasizes relationships, and those who live it express this through love of neighbor and for all humanity. Building relationships of love – where God dwells, as Jesus promised (Mt 18:20) – constitutes the heart, soul, and is the driving force behind every Focolare community, project or activity.

“Let no one pass by us in vain.”
(Chiara Lubich, Detti Gen, 1999, p. 39)

A communitarian spirituality

In the Focolare spirituality, love of neighbor is not only a consequence of loving God, but the indispensable path to loving God. Love for God inevitably leads to love of neighbor, and loving one’s neighbor in turn leads to experiencing a deeper union with God.

“Those around me were created as a gift to me and I was created as a gift to those around me. Everything on earth is in loving relationship with everything: everything with everything. It is necessary, however, to live Love in order to find the golden thread among beings.”
(Chiara Lubich, Essential Writings, London 2007, p. 87)

A spirituality for today’s world

Focolare is about building relationships with whomever we meet in daily life, in any circumstance or situation.

“This is the great attraction of modern times, to penetrate to the highest contemplation while mingling with everyone, one person alongside others.”
(Chiara Lubich, Essential Writings, London 2007, p. 169)